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Mistake new Twitch streamers make.

Have you just started streaming on Twitch and confused about your Twitch streaming Techniques?

If yes then you will be definitely looking forward to improve it and if you need to improve something in the first place you may also need to realize that you are not doing it the right way.

We sometimes commit mistake and are not that aware of it and yes you must first know them to correct them.

And also to the new streamers, this article will be helpful as they will updated with some mistakes that they should not commit while they are streaming on Twitch.

So all the streamers who have recently joined twitch as well as the one you are planning to join it soon, this article will help you bring to your notice all the not-to-do things on Twitch.

5 mistakes that most of the new streamers commit.

  • Getting disappointed as you expect success soon.

This is something that will disappoint you and hence you won’t be able to give your best to the channel. As once you start expecting success that is your followers you may direct your attention somewhere else and won’t concentrate on the channel much. At the start it won’t be all fun as you will face many problems and have difficulty in doing many things, so keep your perspective clear and at the start don’t concentrate on the success but on making it worth for the viewers.

  • Obsessed about your view count.

Don’t keep your eye on the number of views, as it may also discourage you and

De-motivate you and not stop you from doing things that will bring success to you.

Looking at those who are leaving your stream, you won’t be able to concentrate on those who are there with you. So stop being a hawk and start dedicating your time to those who are there with you.

  • Trying to imitate others and loosing owns identity.

You may hold back some part of your personality trying to imitate others and acting like them. This will make you look unnatural and won’t let your true self out. So yes don’t worry maybe at start you may do so, but try being natural and just be yourself and this will make you comfortable in your work.

  • Not getting out of your box to create Network.

Creating network is the most important thing to grow on Twitch. Don’t keep yourself close into bars, get out and make friends with the existing streamers. Make good contact and this will make you credible in the eyes of all.

  • Not maintaining a schedule.

One should also be consistent in their work and to do so you must create a PES 2018 Hack schedule for all that you want to achieve. Creating a schedule will make you systematic in your work and at the same time you will show up yourself as a professional streamer.

  • Not being Organised and regular at work.

You all know that success comes to those who are regular and serious with their work. So be all organized in your mind about what you want to do and how you want to achieve it.

Be clear in your work and don’t confuse yourself with multiple ideas. Regularity should also be there on your channel. As your viewers expect you to be regular so that they can be loyal to your channel and keep viewing them. So surprise them with good content every day and see the change.

These are all that the new streamers should keep in mind. As at the start of the journey it’s not easy to be perfect, all we need to do is to give yourself time and find the perfection in your imperfection and learn from your past mistakes.

Some Google Tips and tricks

Google’s search engine is too deep that you can never explore it completely. We use it daily but we never use it completely to its full potential. But search engine got pretty nifty tricks which you can use to take a deeper dive into the sea of internet.


You know you can use Google News to search for news which dated back to 1880s. You just have to type the keyword or words you are looking for into the Google News search bar, and then click on Search Archive.


This one is a very common and simple trick. What you have to do is just put the phrase in between of quotes this will only yield webpages with the same word in the same order as it’s in the quotes. Because everyone follows whatever there is in quotes then why not Google.

  1. Use an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words

This one is not that known with people. So here what you need to do to harness the power of this trick. So if you are searching a phrase in quotes with an asterisk replacing a word will search all variations of that phrase. It comes handy if you are searching for a speech or song.

  1. Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words

If you don’t want some words then you can eliminate them yes you can use this trick to eliminate the word or words you don’t want to show up in your results. You just have to use the Marvel Future Fight hack minus term in front of that word and that word will be excluded from the search results.

  1. Search websites for a word

So you want a particular an article or a page from a particular website then what to do. It’s simple just use “ site: “ function which you have to use like this “ Word site: Website Name“.

  1. Use

Hungry but on diet and confused. You know what you can use google search to help you decide what you should eat. Yes, you just have to use “Vs” between two food names to get a nutritional comparison of those food items. This basically works on mobile phones and if you use it on your desktop then don’t blame us we haven’t told you.

  1. Use TILT

You can tilt your mobile screens just for fun then you can use keyword “TILT” in google search and then just laugh out loud (LOL, we don’t embrace short forms).

  1. Get the meaning of any word

Is your English week then buy XYZ dictionary and learn English easy way.

Now there’s no need to buy a thousand-page dictionary and waste minutes to find a word. Google is here to make it easy. You just have to use “Define:” before the word to get meaning of that and you can get meaning of these modern day slangs also.

  1. Search Images using Images

Just saw a weird image ( not that type of ) and want to know what that is, then just use google image to find out. You have to tap that camera icon on Google Images

  1. Play Atari Breakout

You can play Atari Breakout on google just by searching  Atari Breakout within quotes on Google Images and you know why it’s even on Google because Google engineers love this game.

How do people earn money through Instagram?

Instagram has become a platform of marketing due to its increasing number of followers and every day active users. The sudden shift of users from Facebook to Instagram has also brought Instagram in the limelight. People are finding different ways to earn through their Instagram account and to make the most of it. Brands are looking at it as an important platform to create awareness and get audience engagement due to its maximum reach. Also now most of the companies spend a large chunk of their social media marketing budget on Instagram.

Thinking about how people are able to do earn money through Instagram hack and also want to adopt those ways then this article would be of great importance to you as we have explained some of the best ways through which people earn money on social media.

I would also like to tell you that the way through it is not hard but you also need to be dedicated to our work and account. So let’s run through all the ways one can earn or through which people earn on Instagram. Let’s Go-

The very first move in doing so is to get more and more genuine followers you need to build a strong follower base in order to attract others to see your page as a platform that will be beneficial to them.

Write a very attractive and interesting bio also put up a good profile picture. Fill up the bio with all the required information about your page and what you do in brief for eg. a fashion blogger etc. One must also never fail to post regularly and use relevant hashtags to engage more and more followers.

Ways to make money on Instagram:

Start up your own business or online store 

People nowadays use Instagram as their online store. One can showcase their product or services on Instagram attract the right kind of interested audience and fulfill their sales target. One should keep in mind the best season to sell the right kind of product and do so in the same. People nowadays also upload their client diary as in their review towards the product which makes the account look authentic One should announce different offers and sales to drive in more engagement. Just think of something outside the box which is not readily available on Instagram and people would be interested in buying the same due to less supply.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product on your page and get paid for it. Your task will be to post photos highlighting their product and thus drive sales through their respective URL. We see many travel pages writing a good review about a certain hotel thus helping them to get known by more and more number of people. There are many companies that do most of their promotion through affiliate generally those having a smaller budget one must just get hold of such companies to gain money.

Great at photography, then you can sell your photo’s too.

Instagram is also used by many people to sell their photographs online and also get different order for a photo shoot. In this way, one can use their passion for photography into their medium of earning money.

Became famous and create post’s for promoting brands

Instagram users with the huge following list are always looked up by brands to promote their product or new service on a page that is relevant to them. Yes you are reading right brands are looking for such accounts and they would come forward to you to get their product showcased on your account. All you need to do is create a sponsored post having good content and picture and yes it will do wonders and also get you a good amount of money.

Here were some of the most common and famous through which people earn money on Instagram.

Now all you have to do is to put your knowledge into action and make it really happen.

You will definitely earn huge by using the right way and all the essentials required in the process.

Go on and yes you will achieve it.

What is the phase with the 2Perfomant Marketing Influencer platform

2Performant is well-known in the affiliate marketing area, but I was attracted more than two weeks ago when they launched the Influencer Marketing section. In a nutshell, influence can be taken into account in campaigns launched by brands or agencies by creating a profile with a description, rate card, Facebook account, blog, Youtube or Instagram, and brands and agencies can feed their account, choose influence with whom they want to work and launch promotion campaigns directly from the platform. Practically 2Performant wants to eliminate the research side, the talks, the campaign requirements, sending the brief, checking the results, contracts, and payments, against a commission.

Is there a place for such a platform on the market, when influence agencies appear and disappear on tape? Initially, I wanted to say that, in fact, there are already specialized agencies on this, some even appeared in the autumn, and many PR or social media agencies have ties established with most influences and seniority in the field.

However, I also made my influence account to increase my ego and see if the 2Performant would come up with something extra, and I realized that there are uncovered areas where their platform can be useful, more precisely small and medium-sized brands that do not have the budget to work with major PR agencies but would like to see if they deserve to campaign with bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, and Facebook stars. And a chance for less known influences.

In addition, there are agencies that do not have dedicated social media departments, but they want to help their clients, and from this, there can be some interesting collaborations. Not to mention that in 2Performant is the option to call a specialist in influencing campaigns, you choose from there people or agencies with experience. I hope there will be more specialists.

Returning to the phase with small brands and agencies that do not have time to do marketing influence – for example at the agency, we focused more on building online stores with Woocommerce, maintenance, optimization and promotion services, copywriting, content marketing, PPC, social media, but we have avoided this area of marketing influence, first of all, because you have to always be up to date with everything that moves on each niche to recommend to each customer some ok influents and secondly because bureaucracy kills you , we make a contract with the customer, we cut off an invoice every month, but if you have a campaign with 10 influences, that means 10 contracts, 10 invoices, a lot of exchanged emails, basically a man dealing only with that. And we do not have it, and I do not think it makes sense to go to this area.

This could be useful 2Performant. And there is another thing that Dorin pointed out in Alex’s article about 2Performant, in 2018 much of the interaction between influences and agencies or brands is still offline, at various events, even if we all burn it social media. That’s why if you stay in Bucharest and you are influential, you have more chances to get branded campaigns (and I do not refer to shirts). Not because X or Y has something with bloggers or vloggers in other cities and discriminates against them, but because it’s easier to work with the people you know personally, and the ties are tighter in the capital.

2Performant could break a bit out of the market if he transforms this section of marketing influence into a slightly more interactive area, where brands, agencies, and influences can get to know a little bit. Stay calm, I do not think of a private social network like Instagram password hack, but the ability to give ratings, send and receive fast messages, receive and give feedback to the campaigns you were involved in, see a top with the most appreciated brands by influencers, or the most recommended influences from their campaigns. I already went away, but here I think it would be their chance, in addition to the reduction in bureaucracy.

Do not be afraid of prices, they are indicative, the final tariffs are negotiated directly between the influences and the agency or brand.

What are the advantages of the 2Performant marketing impact section for end-customers, brands or agencies?

  1. Reduce your time by discussing the influences and logistics to start the campaign.
  2. Get rid of multiple contracts, invoices, you basically have a contract and a monthly invoice from 2Performant.
  3. You can discover new influences that may not have been on your radar, or if you do not have a relationship with the field, you can use the services of a platform specialist to start a campaign.
  4. You may go cheaper than calling a dedicated agency, but here I think you need the services of a consultant, a specialist in the field if you do not know the influence at all, what to ask, how do you measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

What are the benefits of the 2Performance for Influencing Marketing Section:

  1. Your money comes in time. If you work online, you know that the payment terms for contracts often go in 60-90 days, which is even crappy for influencers, especially if you only live in collaborations with brands. From what I understand the impact of the platform will be paid as soon as the customer agrees to publish the content, and the brands or agencies feed the 2Performant account before they can start their campaigns under Prepay. Here I do not know how many big brands will be willing to put money in advance. I’d love to be like that. I’ll let you know when the money comes in the first campaign.
  2. You can get to work with brands that may not be in your area, for example, most major brands are campaigning with the same influences, here’s a chance for smaller influences to get noticed, especially since it is still being discussed about this trend of campaigning with micro or nano influencers. Okay, the condition is to bring 2Performant more brands into the platform.
  3. You can supplement your revenue by linking to brands or agencies that you do not reach through other channels if 2Performant pushes the platform where you need it. There is no such thing as a lack of communication in Bucharest, but in the province I have often seen campaigns made with bad influence on cardboard, although they would have been much better people, willing to work with those brands, and the problem was usually that the brand or agency did not have enough information about local influences that would fit the campaign.

We’ve noticed a few things that can be improved now to ease communication between brands and influences:

  • First I further optimize the display of the mobile platform, half the people come from mobile in general, for example when sending a message button was sent is deleted in color, I have to catch that was sent the message. It was simpler to change the color of the button so I can see that something happened.
  • After I send the message, I would like to have a visible link on my mobile Back to Inbox, I did not get the first icon on which icon to tap on to return to the conversation, or if I could join Inbox with Outbox messages to be easier to navigate in the chat story. The messaging should work as a chat, not as a classic Inbox.
  • It would also not hurt a link-editing feature sent for approval for completed campaigns, at least 1 minute after you sent the message, I went into a test campaign. but I accidentally sent another link and could not edit.
  • Also in the message writing area would not hurt a visual editor when composing messages – at least with the option of attaching images, bold text, inserting links in the text.

In the long run, if it works with influences and brands, it would help some ratings for both agents and agents or brands. – We worked with Gigel, 5 stars, his vlog sent us 10,000 new customers, or I worked with the Y brand, sent a detailed brief, paid fast, I recommend. This thing seems very important to me because it would only bring forward the serious brands/agencies and the influence they even deliver.

Let’s go with the campaigns. How do you think it would be the platform for influences from 2Performant, would you use it?