Mistake new Twitch streamers make.

Have you just started streaming on Twitch and confused about your Twitch streaming Techniques?

If yes then you will be definitely looking forward to improve it and if you need to improve something in the first place you may also need to realize that you are not doing it the right way.

We sometimes commit mistake and are not that aware of it and yes you must first know them to correct them.

And also to the new streamers, this article will be helpful as they will updated with some mistakes that they should not commit while they are streaming on Twitch.

So all the streamers who have recently joined twitch as well as the one you are planning to join it soon, this article will help you bring to your notice all the not-to-do things on Twitch.

5 mistakes that most of the new streamers commit.

  • Getting disappointed as you expect success soon.

This is something that will disappoint you and hence you won’t be able to give your best to the channel. As once you start expecting success that is your followers you may direct your attention somewhere else and won’t concentrate on the channel much. At the start it won’t be all fun as you will face many problems and have difficulty in doing many things, so keep your perspective clear and at the start don’t concentrate on the success but on making it worth for the viewers.

  • Obsessed about your view count.

Don’t keep your eye on the number of views, as it may also discourage you and

De-motivate you and not stop you from doing things that will bring success to you.

Looking at those who are leaving your stream, you won’t be able to concentrate on those who are there with you. So stop being a hawk and start dedicating your time to those who are there with you.

  • Trying to imitate others and loosing owns identity.

You may hold back some part of your personality trying to imitate others and acting like them. This will make you look unnatural and won’t let your true self out. So yes don’t worry maybe at start you may do so, but try being natural and just be yourself and this will make you comfortable in your work.

  • Not getting out of your box to create Network.

Creating network is the most important thing to grow on Twitch. Don’t keep yourself close into bars, get out and make friends with the existing streamers. Make good contact and this will make you credible in the eyes of all.

  • Not maintaining a schedule.

One should also be consistent in their work and to do so you must create a PES 2018 Hack schedule for all that you want to achieve. Creating a schedule will make you systematic in your work and at the same time you will show up yourself as a professional streamer.

  • Not being Organised and regular at work.

You all know that success comes to those who are regular and serious with their work. So be all organized in your mind about what you want to do and how you want to achieve it.

Be clear in your work and don’t confuse yourself with multiple ideas. Regularity should also be there on your channel. As your viewers expect you to be regular so that they can be loyal to your channel and keep viewing them. So surprise them with good content every day and see the change.

These are all that the new streamers should keep in mind. As at the start of the journey it’s not easy to be perfect, all we need to do is to give yourself time and find the perfection in your imperfection and learn from your past mistakes.

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